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Bongo4U Blog by Email — including CastleWeb4U

To explain new features of your website, we periodically create blog posts as we implement and enhance the Bongo4U system. This includes CastleWeb4U websites. We recently subscribed Bongo4U admin users to this blog so that you can be kept informed of these new website capabilities (many of you had already subscribed to the blog yourselves)….

Mailing List Opt-In Forms

Add a mailing list Opt-In or Subscribe Form to your Bongo4U website….

Subscribe Now during Pre-Launch

The “Bongo4U Blog” is ready. We have written short articles to be posted to the blog, however … There is a short pre-launch period for the next few days to allow Bongo4U users to Subscribe to the blog before we start posting articles (so you don’t miss any info). Please subscribe to this blog by Email, Twitter, RSS, or…

How to Receive Bongo4U Enhancements

Welcome to the “Bongo4U Blog”. Use this Blog to get the latest information about Bongo4U. For each new posting, be the first to use our content management tips & tools on your website! As enhancements are launched, they will be explained in a blog posting. Even bug fixes will be communicated in this blog. Are…