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Using Failed Search Results to Improve Your Website

Are visitors to your website able to easily find what they are looking for? How do you know for sure? Fortunately, the Bongo4U website system has a built-in feature to let you know which searches are failing, so you can take some corrective action….

Facebook and SEO Friendly Bongo4U Websites

The Bongo4U system has been upgraded to automatically generate Open Graph tags on each page of each website. Open Graph tags tell external systems such as search engines (Google, Bing) and Facebook, more information about your website and about each page. This allows these other systems to provide users with a richer experience when they…

Put your Company on Google Maps

Promoting your company online is more important then ever before. Your customers are using websites like Facebook and Google everyday….

Search Engine Optimization in Bongo4U

We often get asked by a Bongo4U site owner how to optimize their website so that it will get a better ranking in a specific search engine (e.g. in Google, in Bing, etc.). Here’s the answer: There is nothing special to do to make a Bongo4U website optimized specifically for Google, or Bing, or Yahoo,…

Handling Bad Links from Search Engines

Search engines tend to keep links to all the pages of your site “forever”, even after a page has been removed or renamed (i.e. broken links). And if you’ve migrated your website from elsewhere into Bongo4U, what do you do about all of those old page links in Google, and other search engines, that link to old page addresses…