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Update All Email Forms & Users in one Place

We have noticed that clients are using more and more Email Forms in their Bongo4U websites. These forms are handy for capturing user responses or requests on a variety of topics throughout a website. However, when an admin user wants to update one or more of these Email Forms, or check to see who these…

Change to Email Messages from Bongo4U Websites

Most Bongo4U websites have one or more email forms. They are used for Contact forms, Request-A-Quote forms, and many other uses. We had to change the “From Address” that was being used in email messages generated from the email forms. Many email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc., have implemented a spam-detection mechanism…

Bongo4U Blog by Email — including CastleWeb4U

To explain new features of your website, we periodically create blog posts as we implement and enhance the Bongo4U system. This includes CastleWeb4U websites. We recently subscribed Bongo4U admin users to this blog so that you can be kept informed of these new website capabilities (many of you had already subscribed to the blog yourselves)….

Easier Spam Detection in your Email Forms: Captcha

There is a feature called “Captcha” in the Email Form block that should usually be enabled. It helps to detect bots and spammer tools and stops them from sending spam messages to you using your own email form. The Captcha box has been made simpler and much of the “extra stuff (noise)” has been removed…

Mailing List Opt-In Forms

Add a mailing list Opt-In or Subscribe Form to your Bongo4U website….

Stop Spam from Email Forms: CAPTCHA

Online forms are increasingly becoming victims of automated spam-generating computer programs that troll the web looking for forms to insert their scam or spam into. But now there is a solution for your Bongo4U online forms….

How to Add an Email Form to your Website

It is easy to add an Email Form to your Bongo4U website. And now there is a help entry in the Bongo4U Help Centre which explains how to do it….

How to Receive Bongo4U Enhancements

Welcome to the “Bongo4U Blog”. Use this Blog to get the latest information about Bongo4U. For each new posting, be the first to use our content management tips & tools on your website! As enhancements are launched, they will be explained in a blog posting. Even bug fixes will be communicated in this blog. Are…