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Add a Twitter Widget to any Page

You can now easily add a “Twitter Feed” of recent tweets to any page of your Bongo4U website….

Paste Function Changed

When pasting content into a WYSIWYG block, the content might be from a different web site, from a Word document, or some other formatted or plain text source….

IE9 Issues with WYSIWYG Fixed

Some users have reported that the IE9 web browser was sometimes unable to perform certain functions within the Bongo4U WYSIWYG block….

Adding Testimonials to your Website

Bongo4U now has an easy way to you to add testimonials, quotes and comments to your website. You can add the testimonials once and display them anywhere you want throughout your site. You can also customize how many are displayed at once, how they are selected (e.g. randomly), and how they are displayed (e.g. list…

Add a Countdown Box to any page

You can now add a Countdown to any page of your Bongo4U website. It will automatically calculate the number of days to the target date that you enter —¬†telling your site visitors how many days are left until¬†your “big event!”…