Add Google Analytics to your Bongo4U site

In addition to the “Web Stats” that are built into Bongo4U, you can now also add “Google Analytics” to your website.

Some organizations have standardized on using “Google Analytics” on all of their web properties. No problem. You can now use both the built-in “Web Stats” and also Google Analytics. Here’s how:

Just login to the Google Analytics system and generate a “Google Analytics ID” for your website (you need to use a separate ID for each website). Then login to your Bongo4U Admin area, go to your “Site Properties” (located under “My Site…”), enter your “Google Analytics ID” and click [Save Changes].

That’s it. Your site will instantly start invoking the Google Analytics tracking system for all subsequent page views.

Of course, this is all optional. It is not required. The built-in “Web Stats” will continue to provide you with interesting statistics about how your website is being used, whether or not you also use the Google Analytics system for additional tracking.

Any questions? Please just let us know… 🙂 [thanks!]