More Product Pictures are now Available

When adding products to your Bongo4U website, you can add a large product picture and a thumbnail photo for each product. And now you can also add a photo to the top and/or bottom of the product detail page.

The new top/bottom pictures could be used as additional product photos, or as lifestyle photos relating to the product’s use, or as anything else that might enhance the appeal of the product. They can be as wide as the website layout allows the image to be.

The new top picture goes above all of the product details that are displayed on the page, and the new bottom picture goes below all of the product details. Think of them as possible “vertical bookends” to the product detail information.

These new photos are optional, as are most of the product information fields. This allows you to tailer the product information to suit the specific needs of your website.

The “How Do I Add A Product” help entry in the Bongo4U Help Centre has been updated to including details about the new top & bottom product pictures.