Links to Product Detail Pages

The handling of Product Detail Links generated from the special Promotional Products block were improved today.  Now the detail page links go to full page containing that product’s detailed information, which provides much better emphasis for the product information.

Previously, these links kept the user on the same page (on the page with the Promotional Products listing, which is often the home page). This meant that when the user clicked a product detail link, the home page was re-displayed with the product details under or below the static home page content. Today’s improvement will better highlight product details whenever a product link is clicked from a Promotional Products listing.

This only affects Bongo4U websites which have “products” enabled and which use the special Promotional Products block. For those who don’t use the Promotional Products block, it automatically finds and displays only the products which are “on-promotion” that given day from your general product catalog.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this, or any suggestions, by just entering a quick comment to this posting.  Thanks!