How to Manage Products in your Bongo4U site

Did you know that you can add Products to your Bongo4U website? You can!

Or do you already have products on your website but don’t know how to add more products or update them?

Problem Solved

We have just created a whole new section in the Bongo4U Help Centre solely in support of Products.

Here’s a list of the topics that are now explained and “walked through” in the Products section of the Help Centre:

  • How do Products get Added and Displayed on my Site? (it explains the process)
  • How do I Enable My Site for Products?
  • How do I Add a Product?
  • How do I Edit a Product?
  • How do I put a Product on Promotion?
  • How do I take a Product off Promotion?
  • How do I Delete a Product?

If you have ideas for additional topics that we could add to the Help Centre, please post your suggestions as comments to this blog entry. We’d love to hear from you. The more ideas the better! 🙂

Jump directly to the new Products section of the Help Centre: