Custom Product Fields

You can now enable up to 5 custom product fields and enter data into those fields as needed.

When adding products into your Bongo4U catalogue, sometimes you have extra information which doesn’t fit any of the current product fields. In such cases, you can now enable “custom product fields” on your website. You just tell the system how many custom fields you want, and thereafter the Product Add and Product Edit forms will provide you with that number of custom input fields.

The custom fields are optional. If they are left empty for a given product, then they will not be displayed in the product listings and/or on the product detail page (to conserve display space).

To enable custom product fields, login to the Admin Area of your Bongo4U website. On the admin menu, hover over “My Site…” and click “Site Properties”. (Products need to be enabled otherwise the custom fields won’t matter.) Select the desired number of custom fields from the dropdown list, and click the [Save Changes] button. That’s it!

The next time you add or edit products, you will see the custom fields. Click the “?” link beside any of the custom fields for additional details.

Please let us know if you have any questions.