Cookie Notification on All Bongo4U Websites

It is best practice to inform website users when cookies are being used to track information about them in a web browser.

Most modern websites use cookies to track session information which often includes the user’s device information (width & height of their view, what features their device supports, etc.) and any choices they’ve made in their session. This information allows websites to customize web pages to fit the user’s device, to provide alternate information when certain features aren’t supported on the user’s device, to customize the user’s experience based upon their previous choices, etc.

In late May 2018, the Bongo4U system implemented a feature to inform public users that the system uses cookies and provided a link to the Cookie Policy and the related Privacy Policy for those who were interested.

The recently implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in the EU has forced many websites to notify users about the use of cookies if any of their users are from the EU. Many website systems have chosen to inform all users since it is a best practice (data collection transparency).

The Bongo4U system has implemented this transparent approach and all public users will see the following notification the first/next time they visit any Bongo4U site:

For users that click the [I agree] button, they will not see the notification again in the same browser for one year. For users that just close the notification, they will not see it again until their next session.

Please let us know at if you have any questions.


Emerge2 Support