Stop Spam from Email Forms: CAPTCHA

Online forms are increasingly becoming victims of automated spam-generating computer programs that troll the web looking for forms to insert their scam or spam into. But now there is a solution for your Bongo4U online forms.

You can now easily add a “CAPTCHA Challenge Box” to any or all of the online forms on your website. All you have to do is “turn on the switch” and everything else is done automatically by Bongo4U.

When a “CAPTCHA Challenge Box” is enabled, two randomly selected words are displayed at the bottom of your online form, along with an input field. The user is asked to enter these two words into the input field. That’s all.

This proves to the system that the user is a human and not a computer program, bot, spider or other automated process that is trying to push its malware, scam or spam into your online forms and to the recipient of the form’s email messages.

You can add a “CAPTCHA Chellenge Box” to your online form(s) using the following help entry: “How Do I Add a CAPTCHA Challenge Box to an Email Form