File Upload Problem

When uploading one or more files to your website (e.g. images, movies, pdf’s, etc.), when one of the specified files fails to upload (e.g. due to a duplicate filename), the system was not telling the admin user which file had failed to upload.

This wasn’t a problem if you were only uploading one file, but when multiple files were requested, it left the admin user not knowing which file had failed. 

File upload handling in the Image Manager, the Embedded Media Manager and in other tools which use this same uploading mechanism, has been enhanced today so that any upload failure error messages now specify the one or more files which failed to load, so the admin user knows for sure which file(s) need to be removed or renamed before uploading again. (Note: When a given file fails to upload, all of the other requested files will still upload okay as expected.)

It’s a minor change, but hopefully it will assist admin users in knowing exactly which file had the duplicate name or some other problem when attempting an upload.

Feel free to post any comments to this if you have any questions or problems.  Thanks!