Category: <span>Products</span>

Custom Product Fields

You can now enable up to 5 custom product fields and enter data into those fields as needed….

Columns in Product Listings

You can now set the “number of columns” for your Bongo4U product listing displays (your Catalogue listing and Promotional products listing)….

More Product Pictures are now Available

When adding products to your Bongo4U website, you can add a large product picture and a thumbnail photo for each product. And now you can also add a photo to the top and/or bottom of the product detail page….

How to Manage Products in your Bongo4U site

Did you know that you can add Products to your Bongo4U website? You can! Or do you already have products on your website but don’t know how to add more products or update them? Problem Solved We have just created a whole new section in the Bongo4U Help Centre solely in support of Products. Here’s a list…

Links to Product Detail Pages

The handling of Product Detail Links generated from the special Promotional Products block were improved today.  Now the detail page links go to full page containing that product’s detailed information, which provides much better emphasis for the product information. Previously, these links kept the user on the same page (on the page with the Promotional Products listing, which is often…