Category: <span>Fixes</span>

IE9 Issues with WYSIWYG Fixed

Some users have reported that the IE9 web browser was sometimes unable to perform certain functions within the Bongo4U WYSIWYG block….

Video Auto-Play Fixed

A bug has been fixed regarding some uploaded .mov or .mp4 videos auto-playing when the page is displayed, even if the admin user did not enable the auto-play feature. An admin user will need to re-save each of these videos’ parameters so that its internal code receives the fix. See below….

File Upload Problem

When uploading one or more files to your website (e.g. images, movies, pdf’s, etc.), when one of the specified files fails to upload (e.g. due to a duplicate filename), the system was not telling the admin user which file had failed to upload. This wasn’t a problem if you were only uploading one file, but…

Images within Folders

We recently implemented a new Image Manager within Bongo4U. It was easier to use and had many more capabilities than its predecessor. Unfortunately, it did not have support for images stored in folders. This impacted some larger sites that were already storing images in folders (to keep their images better organized). These sites still worked okay…