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Change to Email Messages from Bongo4U Websites

Most Bongo4U websites have one or more email forms. They are used for Contact forms, Request-A-Quote forms, and many other uses. We had to change the “From Address” that was being used in email messages generated from the email forms. Many email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc., have implemented a spam-detection mechanism…

Twitter Feed Changes

Twitter changed the rules. Previously, Twitter let anyone display the recent tweets from any public Twitter account on your website. It was easy to do. But, Twitter recently stopped supporting the previous methods of displaying a Twitter feed on a website. No problem! — Bongo4U has been updated to support Twitter’s new method of displaying…

Easier Spam Detection in your Email Forms: Captcha

There is a feature called “Captcha” in the Email Form block that should usually be enabled. It helps to detect bots and spammer tools and stops them from sending spam messages to you using your own email form. The Captcha box has been made simpler and much of the “extra stuff (noise)” has been removed…

Add Comments Block to any Page

If you want your readers to be able to add comments on a given page of your website, just add a Comments block near the bottom of that page. The Comments block will enable the submitting of comments by users and the display of all existing comments….

Paste Function Changed

When pasting content into a WYSIWYG block, the content might be from a different web site, from a Word document, or some other formatted or plain text source….

IE9 Issues with WYSIWYG Fixed

Some users have reported that the IE9 web browser was sometimes unable to perform certain functions within the Bongo4U WYSIWYG block….

Testimonials – Now in Categories

Many clients really like the recently launched Testimonials feature of randomly displaying their customers’ comments on their website. And, this feature has just been enhanced — You can now group your testimonials by category for more targetted display on specific pages of your website….

Video Auto-Play Fixed

A bug has been fixed regarding some uploaded .mov or .mp4 videos auto-playing when the page is displayed, even if the admin user did not enable the auto-play feature. An admin user will need to re-save each of these videos’ parameters so that its internal code receives the fix. See below….

Embed Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo & more

You can now easily embed and play videos from popular video sites like DailyMotion, MySpace, Vimeo, Yahoo! and YouTube, right within the pages of your Bongo4U website….

Adding Testimonials to your Website

Bongo4U now has an easy way to you to add testimonials, quotes and comments to your website. You can add the testimonials once and display them anywhere you want throughout your site. You can also customize how many are displayed at once, how they are selected (e.g. randomly), and how they are displayed (e.g. list…

Add a Countdown Box to any page

You can now add a Countdown to any page of your Bongo4U website. It will automatically calculate the number of days to the target date that you enter — telling your site visitors how many days are left until your “big event!”…

How to Add an Email Form to your Website

It is easy to add an Email Form to your Bongo4U website. And now there is a help entry in the Bongo4U Help Centre which explains how to do it….

Displaying the Last-Modified-Date

You can now easily display the “Last Modified Date” on any Bongo4U page by adding a special tag anywhere within the page….


Adding an RSS Feed to your Website

Have you ever wanted to display an RSS feed from another source (e.g. from a blog, news site, or a social media account) on your Bongo4U website. Now you can!…

Image Rotator, Carousel or Slideshow

Have you ever wanted to add an Image Rotator, Image Carousel or Slideshow to your website? Now it’s easy! We have combined all of these great features into a new Bongo4U function called “Slideshow Plus”. Features In its simplest form, you just add a Slideshow Plus block to any page, upload up to 20 images, and you’re…