Twitter Feed Changes

Twitter changed the rules. Previously, Twitter let anyone display the recent tweets from any public Twitter account on your website. It was easy to do.

But, Twitter recently stopped supporting the previous methods of displaying a Twitter feed on a website.

No problem! — Bongo4U has been updated to support Twitter’s new method of displaying tweets from a Twitter account. However, an admin person needs to login to their Twitter account and generate a “widget” for the Twitter account they wish to generate tweets from. This widget then needs to be copied into your “Twitter Feed” block on your Bongo4U website. Don’t worry, the process is explained below…

We have included step-by-step instructions for Bongo4U admin users to follow:

  1. Login to your Bongo4U website’s admin area
  2. Go to the page with has your Twitter Feed block
  3. Click on this existing Twitter Feed block (to edit it)
  4. Follow the instructions that are displayed on your Twitter Feed block.

Your Twitter account feed should then be up and running again in no time.

(Please note that some Bongo4U websites generate a Twitter feed using a Raw HTML block instead of using a Twitter Feed block. Both need to be changed since Twitter no longer supports any of the previous methods of generating a listing of recent tweets. If you are using a Raw HTML block for this, we suggest changing to use a Twitter Feed block instead.)

If you have any questions or problems, please just submit a help desk ticket here. Include the address of your website page that contains the Twitter Feed or Raw HTML block.