Testimonials – Now in Categories

Many clients really like the recently launched Testimonials feature¬†of randomly displaying their customers’ comments on their website. And, this feature has just been enhanced — You can now¬†group your testimonials by category for more targetted display on specific pages of your website.

We received positive feedback when the Testimonials feature was implemented. However, we also started to get suggestions from “early adopters” who were asking us to take it further — to add the ability to group similar testimonials into categories.

For example, to be able to group comments about the organization into one category, comments about a specific product into a category about that product, comments about service into a service category, etc. Then when adding the Testimonial display block on the About Us page, select the organizational testimonials, when on the Product page select the product testimonials, when on the Service page select the service related testimonials, and so on.

This was a great idea. So we implemented it too.

And we also made it so that the category is optional when entering testimonial comments, and also when displaying them, so you can still display, for example, a random 10 testimonials from *any/all* categories if you wish. You now have lots of flexibility to customize the display of your loaded testimonials throughout your Bongo4U website.

Here is a page of FAQ entries regarding Testimonials: