Paste Function Changed

When pasting content into a WYSIWYG block, the content might be from a different web site, from a Word document, or some other formatted or plain text source.

An upgrade was implemented today which changes how the previously named “Paste as Plain Text” button () works in the WYSIWYG block. (the button with a “T” on it)

Previously, when you clicked this button, a pop-up input box would appear and any content that you pasted into this input box would have its formatting removed and only the plain text would be inserted into your block once you clicked the submit button on the pop-up.

This button has been changed to be a “Plain Text Mode Toggle.” By default, pasting starts as a raw paste function that retains any embedded formatting.

Many people use the Ctrl-V short-cut to paste content. It is a universally consistent method of pasting content in many tools, utilities and systems. The previous method of stripping out the formatting was a multiple-step (slower) process.

Now, you can click this Plain Text Mode Toggle button and then your subsequent Ctrl-V paste will be done as plain text (any embedded formatting will be removed during the paste).

The first time you click the Plain Text Mode Toggle button in a session, the system will display a quick note that says, “Paste is now in plain text mode. Click again to toggle back to regular paste mode. After you paste something you will be returned to regular paste mode.”

If you change your mind, just click the Plain Text Mode Toggle button again to change modes. The background of this “T” icon changes to visually represent if Plain Text Mode is enabled or disabled.

The previous “Paste from Word” button () remains unchanged.

Please let us know if you have any questions.