Image Rotator, Carousel or Slideshow

Have you ever wanted to add an Image Rotator, Image Carousel or Slideshow to your website? Now it’s easy!

We have combined all of these great features into a new Bongo4U function called “Slideshow Plus”.


In its simplest form, you just add a Slideshow Plus block to any page, upload up to 20 images, and you’re done. You will have a display area that will fade in-and-out between the uploaded photos on an ongoing basis. Easy.

But there’s so much more you can do.

You can select from over 20 different image-to-image transition effects, set the transition speed, select a portrait, landscape or square shape, select various display sizes, select random or uploaded order, enable pause-on-mouse-over, enable photo numbering, enable links, enable captions, etc.

If links are enabled, then you will be able to enter a URL (a page address) for each uploaded picture. If that picture is clicked when it is shown, then the user will go to the specified URL. The URL can be a page within the site or any external URL.

If captions are enabled, then you will be able to enter a caption or comment for each picture and it will be displayed below each photo when it is displayed.

Mix and match the various features in any combination. Experiment with various transition effects. Have some fun with it! You can easily construct a very professional-looking display area that rotates between any number of your photos to show off what you are presenting.

For help on adding a Slideshow Plus block to one or more of your pages, just refer to the following entry in the Bongo4U Help Centre:

Once you have added it to your site, please post a comment regarding which combination of features you found the most pleasing or compatible with your site’s style or your tastes. I hope you enjoy this new feature!