Displaying the Last-Modified-Date

You can now easily display the “Last Modified Date” on any Bongo4U page by adding a special tag anywhere within the page.

For example, let’s say that you have a page that periodically changes. However, users have no way of knowing when any of the content on that page has been updated unless the Admin users manually update a hard-coded date on the page each time they change the page (which is easy to forget to do).

This special tag can be entered anywhere within a WYSIWYG block and whenever the system sees one of these special tags, it will lookup the timestamp of the last change to the current block and will display that date forĀ users whenever the page is displayed. It is all automatic after you add the special tag to the page.

There are two versions of the special tag as follows:

  • To display only the Date (not time), use tag: {{bongo4u=modified_date}}
  • To display both the Date and Time, use tag: {{bongo4u=modified_date_time}}

An example: “Last Updated: {{bongo4u=modified_date_time}}”

For more information, please refer to the Bongo4U Help site: http://help.bongo4u.com/kb/content/?anc=modifieddate#modifieddate