Adding Testimonials to your Website

Bongo4U now has an easy way to you to add testimonials, quotes and comments to your website. You can add the testimonials once and display them anywhere you want throughout your site. You can also customize how many are displayed at once, how they are selected (e.g. randomly), and how they are displayed (e.g. list or slideshow).

Users asked for the ability to display testimonials on their Bongo4U website, and this new feature is in direct response to their suggestions.

In its simplist form, you just use the new “Testimonials…” option on your main menu to add testimonials, quotes, etc. and then just add a “Testimonials” block on one or more pages of your site. When you add a Testimonials block, you will be given the option to customize how and what gets displayed (or leave the defaults).

Some websites might want to display one random testimonial in multiple places throughout their website. Other websites might want to create a separate testimonials page and either list all testimonials or a random 10, 15 or 25 testimonials on that page. Or use a combination of both approaches. It really is up to you regarding how you want to use it on your site.

We have created a new section within the Bongo4U Help Centre to give an overview of testimonials and to also provide instructions regarding how to Add, Edit, Delete and Display testimonials on your Bongo4U website.

Here’s a link to the new Testimonials section for the instructions:

Please let us know if you have any questions, and enjoy the new feature!