Add a Countdown Box to any page

You can now add a Countdown to any page of your Bongo4U website. It will automatically calculate the number of days to the target date that you enter —¬†telling your site visitors how many days are left until¬†your “big event!”

The most likely location for a Countdown is near the top of your home page. However, you may add a Countdown to any page. You can even have multiple Countdowns on the same page if you wish to highlight multiple upcoming events.

Adding a Countdown block is easy. Just login to Admin mode, go to the page where you want the Countdown to be, and add the new Countdown block to that page. The system will ask you for a target date, for a prefix message (e.g. “Days until the Big Event:”), and even an optional second message to automatically display after the target date has been reached (or display nothing if you wish).

Try it. Experiment with it. It is easy to add or change at any time.

See the “How Do I Add a Countdown” help entry in the Bongo4U Help Centre for details.