Update All Email Forms & Users in one Place

We have noticed that clients are using more and more Email Forms in their Bongo4U websites. These forms are handy for capturing user responses or requests on a variety of topics throughout a website.

However, when an admin user wants to update one or more of these Email Forms, or check to see who these Email Forms are sending messages to, they often ask, “How can I find all of my Email Forms?”

Problem solved!

Bongo4U Dashboard

Bongo4U Dashboard


The handy Bongo4U Dashboard has been enhanced to provide a listing of all Email Forms on your website. For each Email Form it lists the Subject line, To Address(es), and the page the form is located on. You can now “at-a-glance” see if any emails are being sent to a past employee, the incorrect person, or a legacy email address.

In addition, just click any of the Email Forms and you will instantly be editing its configuration settings, all from the Dashboard.

Extra Tip: Did you know that you can also click any of the admin Usernames listed on the Dashboard to edit any user’s details or access permissions — all from the Dashboard.

More information regarding the Dashboard can be found in its announcement blog post.