Subscribe Now during Pre-Launch

The “Bongo4U Blog” is ready. We have written short articles to be posted to the blog, however …

There is a short pre-launch period for the next few days to allow Bongo4U users to Subscribe to the blog before we start posting articles (so you don’t miss any info).

Please subscribe to this blog by Email, Twitter, RSS, or Web. It doesn’t matter how you receive your notifications of new blog postings, as long as you find out.

Don’t expect to be inundated with a lot of postings each day. Nope. After the first few articles have been posted, this will become a low volume blog containing useful postings when helpful information becomes available (e.g. regarding a specific feature of Bongo4U).

Please use the links at top or bottom of each page, or view the “How to Receive Bongo4U Enhancements” posting for the subscription links for each of Email, Twitter, RSS or Website <>.

We are looking forward to populating the blog with helpful postings. Please subscribe now in the interim. (Thanks!)