Smartphones, Tablets and Your Website

Are you losing customers? Can your website handle people using smartphones and tablets?

There’s a huge growth in users who access websites using mobile devices, and this trend is steadily increasing.

How does your website look on a small device? Is the navigation even findable, let alone clickable without “fat-finger syndrome?”

Part of Bongo4U’s infrastructure has been rewritten to support devices of almost any size and orientation (e.g. smartphones, tablets, desktops) using “responsive design” techniques and other dynamically adapting enhancements.

This new responsive design infrastructure requires a different set of layout, style and navigation controls for a website.

Any Bongo4U sites created after July 2013 were created using the new infrastructure. Any previously created Bongo4U websites will require an upgrade to its layout, style and navigation controls to be compatible with the new infrastructure and all of its new responsive capabilities to support mobile devices.

To request that your website be upgraded to this new responsive design infrastructure, please fill in the following short request form. You will receive a quote before your site is upgraded.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!