Put your Company on Google Maps

Promoting your company online is more important then ever before. Your customers are using websites like Facebook and Google everyday. Google is so popular because of the tools it has to offer, including Google Search, Google Maps and Google Places. Google Places enables you to add and promote your retail location online. This will enable users to search for your company in Google Maps and they will see your store location on the map.

Why promote your site on Google Map?

  • it’s free promotion of your physical location
  • it’s a free link to your website
  • it’s helps build traffic to your store and website

Why can’t we do this for you?

  • the physical location of the source of information is verified by Google
  • it is your organization’s information that you need to share with Google

So you see it’s worth taking a few moments to do this – Today! Head over to the Bongo4U help center to view simple instructions to guide you through the process.