Bongo4U Website Migration (June 14)

Emerge2 is migrating the Bongo4U system to an upgraded hosting environment on June 14th. This affects all Bongo4U websites.

How Does This Affect Me?

  1. On Thursday, June 14, 2012 the Bongo4U Admin Area will be unavailable. This will prevent websites from being changed during the migration process and while “the dust settles” in the new hosting environment. The Admin Area will be re-enabled by noon-hour the following day (June 15th).
  2. 90-95% of Bongo4U websites’ domain names are managed by Emerge2 and therefore Emerge2 will automatically update all of these managed domain names to point to the new, upgraded hosting environment as part of the migration. However, for the few clients who manage their domain name configuration (DNS) themselves or via a third party (e.g. their ISP), these clients will need to make arrangements to have their domain name DNS configuration updated ON JUNE 14TH to point to the new environment. All of the clients who manage their domain name DNS were contacted on May 24th regarding this migration and again on June 5th with the detailed DNS configuration information. If you were not contacted about this, then your Bongo4U domain names should be managed by Emerge2 (and will be updated automatically).

That’s it.

Tell Me More About the Migration

The new hosting servers use newer technology, have more memory, throughput, support more concurrent tasks, and provide a more reliable infrastructure.

All Bongo4U websites need to be migrated to the new servers on the same day.

Although the Bongo4U Admin Area will be disabled during the migration, all Bongo4U websites should remain online to the public throughout the migration process, other than for a short few minutes when the “cut-over” takes place.

During the migration process, we will be providing live status updates on the @Bongo4U twitter account. Please follow @Bongo4U on twitter for details:

How Can I Be Sure that Emerge2 Manages my Domain Name DNS?

This is a bit technical…

Go to the online domain name Whois lookup tool and check each of the domain names that point to your Bongo4U website(s). Note: Do not enter the “www.” prefix, for example, enter “” not “”.

If the resulting report includes the following three lines, then that domain name’s DNS is managed by Emerge2:

  • Name Server: NS1.EMERGE2.COM
  • Name Server: NS2.EMERGE2.NET
  • Name Server: NS3.EMERGE2.NET

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to submit them via the Help Desk at

Thank you!

Emerge2 Support