Bongo4U Migration: Update

UPDATE: As previously, communicated, we have been preparing for a migration of the entire Bongo4U system to a new, upgraded hosting environment today (May 19th).

The big day is here and guess what happens a few minutes before the migration is scheduled to begin?

Our current hosting provide suffers an outage and our Bongo4U servers go off-line. Our monitors immediately detect the issue, and then we are stuck in a telephone queue on hold waiting to talk to their support team.

It is hardly ever “good timing” for an outage, but having one occur just before migrating away from a hosting environment, when we have many third party organizations across the country all coordinated to update their domain name DNS data in exactly one hour, creates even more issues.

In the end, the online outage was resolved in 10 minutes, shorter than the wait to talk to their support team.

The migration has begun and is progressing nicely as we write this update post.

Since we had contingency time built-in to the migration schedule, we don’t anticipate any impact on the migration timetable.

[End of Update]