Adding an RSS Feed to your Website

Have you ever wanted to display an RSS feed from another source (e.g. from a blog, news site, or a social media account) on your Bongo4U website. Now you can!

This new feature has just been added to the Bongo4U system. It doesn’t matter where the RSS feed comes from. You can now add it to almost any location on your site. It can display as a narrow scrolling box in a margin, or it can be put in the main area of page and be nice and wide for maximum effect.

You can specify how many entries to display (the latest “N” entries), and how long it should display each entry before transitioning to the next one. It displays the title of each entry, but it also expands one of the entries at the top and shows the title, author, date and the first sentence or two from the details. It rotates through each of the last N entries, highlighting one entry at a time. All entries are clickable to jump directly to the original article on the source website (in a pop-up window).

It’s a nice addition to a Bongo4U website.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the help entry containing instructions regarding how to display an RSS feed on your website.

Add a comment below this posting if you have any questions about it! (thanks)