Add Comments Block to any Page

If you want your readers to be able to add comments on a given page of your website, just add a Comments block near the bottom of that page.

The Comments block will enable the submitting of comments by users and the display of all existing comments.

When you add the Comments block, you will be able to specify a number of customization options or just take the defaults (e.g. maximum comment length before displaying “More…”, the number of comments before pagination, the number of links in a comment that will trigger automatic moderation, sort order, etc.).

There is a Comments Admin area where you can review all comments after-the-fact and suppress/hold or delete any which are inappropriate. You can also specify a list of “banned words” which will automatically trigger moderation of a comment if any of those words are used.

Enjoy the interactivity of comments by adding a Comments block to any page(s) of your Bongo4U website.